Branchville-Frankford Girls Softball
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Updated: 3/31/14

Our Mission Statement: The Branchville/Frankford Girls Softball program teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, along with the basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.  In all aspects, Branchville/Frankford Girls Softball is committed to providing our participants the very best sports experience possible.  It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play softball be afforded that opportunity. 


   Nick Civitan - President                    201-317-7748 (cell)    

                           Faith Healy - Secretary                    973-862-7924 (cell)    
         Jen Vance - Planning Coordinator      862-354-0804 (cell)    

      Gordie Jennings           Vice President

           Steve Ysais      Treasurer

 FF1  Rookie K-2      
   COACH  Tom Salvia  (908) 337-2868

   ASST COACH  Christine Vreeland  (201) 738-1534  

 FF2  Rookie K-2      
   COACH  Pete Bakker  (862) 268-6883  

   ASST COACH  Marty Macfie  (973) 919-2296

 Intermediates 3rd - 4th      
   COACH  Steve Worthington (973) 670-6936  
   ASST COACH   Jason Langenbach  (973) 600-0424   
 FF4  Intermediates 3rd - 4th
   COACH  Tara MacGlashan (201) 264-9833

   ASST COACH  Genene Pagliaro  (973) 222-2261

 FF5  Juniors 5th - 6th      
   COACH  Gordon Jennings (973) 670-3141

   ASST COACH   Nick Civitan   (201) 317-7748
Seniors 7th, 8th, 9th

   COACH   Samantha Paulding   (315) 447-9834
   ASST COACH   Jen Vance   (862) 354-0804


  NW Skylands Girls Softball League Rules - Rookies
  NW Skylands Girls Softball League Rules - Juniors
  NW Skylands Girls Softball League Rules -Intermediates
  NW Skylands Girls Softball League Rules - Seniors
  2015 Softball Field Codes
  2015 Volunteer Form  
  2015 Registration Form(need for registration)
  2015 Liability Form(need for registration) 
  2015 Code Of Conduct (need for registration)

  2015 Sponsor Form
  2015 Spirit Wear Order Form


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Branchville/Frankford Softball

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       Branchville, New Jersey 07826